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Yes, if you are interested in getting a new kitchen or wardrobe the best thing to do is to make an appointment with one of our designers – this way they can ensure you enough time.

Of course, you are also very welcome to visit our showroom during opening hours without an appointment, however we cannot guarantee a designer will be free to discuss your plans in detail.

In addition to our exceptional kitchen collections, we offer a beautiful range of high-quality wardrobes. Our wardrobes are custom-made to complement your home, and as we offer a full design and installation service, we can help you make the most of the space you have available.

Architects plans or measurements of your existing room, as well as pictures of the space are used in order to produce a quote catered to your individual requirements. Please see our Kitchen Planner tool to assist you in sketching out your space.

If you can’t make it to our showrooms, feel free to send your measurements, pictures and ideas to

Rest assured, we always check the measurements once an order has been placed.

Every kitchen is different, and as such, prices vary depending on several factors including size, finish, worktop, design features etc.

Most of our kitchens range in cost between €5,000 and €15,000, but we calculate all our kitchen prices on an individual basis depending on your requirements and budget. Your choices of size, style, worktopsand so on when creating your new kitchen design will all have an impact on the final price.

Appliances can vary depending on the brands selected and the models chosen within the brand.

Auxiliary costs will also have to be factored in, i.e. plumbing, electrics, tiling, plastering etc.

We supply Solid Wood and Laminate worktops, as well as Quartz, Granite and Neolith options.

We can supply a full range of appliances including brands such as Neff, Nordmende, De Dietrich, Whirlpool, Elica, Franke, Quooker etc.

Alternatively, we can build your new kitchen around your existing kitchen appliances if you prefer to keep them.

Yes, we offer a full installation service to ensure you a high-quality and stress-free fitting.

Most kitchens will be fitted in one day, but,depending on the project, somekitchens may take 2 to 3 days to install.

For stone worktops, our stone supplier takes templates following kitchen installation and, depending on the material, can take up to 10-14 working days to install the worktop.

You can lay your floor prior to the kitchen being installed, and we will make every effort to protect the floor and take care during installation.

Our fitters do not carry out any plumbing, electrical, tiling or plastering services. However, Lucan Kitchens has a team of qualified tradesmen that we work with exclusively and so we will be happy to recommend someone appropriately registered and certifiedwho can provide these services to you, including a qualified gas installer.

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent follow-up service, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have or arrange follow-up consultations if required.

The warranty for your kitchen cabinets, doors and worktops will vary from 12 months to 3 years approximately, dependent on the individual manufacturer, as we work with a range of suppliers. It should be noted however that this does not cover damage caused by poor, faulty or incorrect use or maintenance, and does not cover damage as a result of normal wear and tear.

Appliances and accessories will each carry their own manufacturer’s warranty, dependent on the particular brands chosen.

Do not use wax furniture polish, abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or other chlorine-based cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, dilutes, acetone, alcohol, solvent or similar products on the manufactured goods, as this will damage the surface. Additionally, wax and polishes leave a residue build up that is difficult to remove.

Only use a 5% soap, 95% water (liquid soap) solution, wiping with a damp (not wet) cloth, finally drying with a soft clean cloth only.

You should never use any abrasive pads or abrasive cleaners on the furniture.

Cooking splashes, spills and condensation on the doors, cabinets etc should be cleaned and dried immediately.

If using glass cleaner to clean your glass doors be careful not to damage fine finish of the door and cabinet parts while cleaning. Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass or cabinet as this may discolour the finish or your kitchen cabinets. Instead spray a small amount of the cleaner on a lint free cloth and wipe down the glass.

The most common problems found occur as a result of excessive or prolonged exposure to heat and/or moisture.

Always wipe off excess moisture and be careful with extreme heat sources, such as kettles, ovens and toasters. It is recommended that these heat sources are not placed directly under any wall unit when they are in use as they generate a higher level of heat and moisture than is often expected and can quickly and easily lead to damage of the product.

Excessive moisture is an enemy of any finish or wood product. Do not allow water or other liquids to be in contact with outside or inside surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Water will eventually dull the finish and can stain or swell melamine interiors.

Timber & Veneered Doors:

When cleaning timber doors you must follow the pattern of the grain. It is advisable to use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove fingerprints and marks, followed at once with a clean and dry soft cloth.

It must be remembered that solid timber is a natural living product, therefore it is not possible nor desirable to achieve uniformity of grain or finish within the raw product. Timber will also change colour over time due to exposure to light. Light, lacquered surfaces also have a certain tendency to “yellow with age” depending on the exposure to light. The species of timber and intensity of exposure will affect the rate of change. It is advised that this is taken into consideration when replacing or fitting new doors some time after the original installation.

Painted Doors:

Painted finishes will change colour over time with exposure to light, the rate of change may differ between pieces.

As with timber doors, painted product is made from natural products which by their nature are subject to movement depending on the environmental conditions in which they are placed. This natural movement may cause shrinkage or hairline cracks in the paint or along the joints of the goods. This is considered as part of the features of painted goods.

PVC & High Gloss Finished Doors:

All high gloss doors should be allowed to “cure” for several days after removing the protective film. During this curing process the products will be liable to scratching and other marks. Please treat the goods very carefully during this period and avoid cleaning or wiping as much as possible.

Use only cleaning agents that are intended for the materials used in your kitchen. Avoid any agents that contain ammonia, alcohol, bleach or an abrasive.

If the surface of the product is exposed to any oil-based substance (for example olive oil, butter, margarine or cooking oil), the spillage must be wiped away immediately to prevent staining. Grease marks caused by these oil-based products can easily be removed by use of a mild detergent, non-abrasive cleaner if used immediately after spillage has happened.

Please note that after a period of time it is quite normal for the colouring of kitchen units to mellow in colour. This is not a manufacturing fault and is a result of exposure to light. We advise that colour change is taken into consideration when replacing or fitting new doors sometime after the original kitchen has been installed.

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